Sonntag, 5. September 2010

Berlin Films I: Streets and City Spaces

Pandaemonium Geramanicum presents its Fall 2010 PG Kino film series, Berlin Films I: Streets and City Spaces. Part of a two-semester series on Berlin Films, the six films presented in the Fall semester will showcase various social experiences located in Germany’s capital in the 20th and 21st centuries. As the camera lens moves from leisure trips before the rise of National Socialism to dreams in a divided Germany, Berlin’s diverse neighborhoods and cityscapes become the backdrop for stories of cultural change and formation by directors including Andreas Dresen, Bettina Blümner, and Wim Wenders, among others.

This semester, PG Kino moves to Tuesdays at 8PM. Screenings will be held in Kaufmann Auditorium, Goldwin Smith Hall, unless otherwise noted or advertised.

Sept 7: Menschen am Sonntag (Siodmak/Ulmer, 1930)
Sept 21: Prinzessinnenbad (Blümner, 2007)
Oct 5: Die Legende von Paul und Paula (Carow, 1973)
Oct 26: Kuhle Wampe (Dudow, 1932)
Nov 16: Berlin: Sinfonie einer Groβstadt (Ruttmann, 1927) This screening in Lewis Auditorium. Please note change in date and time!
Nov 30: Der Himmel über Berlin (Wenders, 1987)

Screenings are FREE and open to the public.
Each film will be preceded by an introduction and followed by an open discussion.

-Series description by Katrina Nousek and Miyako Hayakawa

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